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Grouping in SWTOR

You don’t have to explore the galaxy alone. As you gain more experience and complete more missions, you may join or create a group (a maximum of four players) to tackle the more difficult challenges, like Instances and Flashpoints. You may find certain difficult missions easier to complete with one or more players at your side.

NOTE: A companion already counts as a group member and is automatically removed when a group has more than two players.

Forming/Joining a Group

To create or join a group, a player either invites one or more character into a party or receives a group invite. If you are sent a group invite, you have the option to accept or decline the invitation. The player who sends out the initial invite is designated the group leader. There are two ways to invite a player to join your group.

  1. Chat Window: Type /invite followed by the player’s name in the Chat Window.
  2. Social Window: Right-click any player's name in the Social Window and select INVITE TO GROUP.
  3. Player's Portrait: A button appears next to another players portrait in the game. Clicking that button will send an grouping invitation to that player.

Group Options

Once you are in a group, your party members' portraits and health bars are displayed on the left side of the game screen. Right-click any of your party members to select from a number of options.

  1. Inspect Player: Opens up the group member's Character Sheet.
  2. Follow Player: Player Sets your player to automatically follow the selected group member.
  3. Trade: Trades items from your inventory with a group member.
  4. View Schematics: Allows you to view what items the group member can craft.
  5. Request Duel: Invites the party member to a friendly PvP duel.
  6. Remove from Group: (Leader only) Removes the player from the group.
  7. Promote to Leader: (Leader only) Transfers group leadership to the group member.

Loot Rolls

When the group picks up a unique item, by default, all members have the opportunity to roll for the item. When an item is put up for a roll, a window appears displaying the item. A green meter counts down how much time you have to roll for the item. Select NEED or GREED to roll for the item, and a random number is generated for every group member. The player with the highest number is awarded the item. If you want a good chance at securing the item, select NEED. Otherwise, choose GREED if you want to give the other members a better chance at obtaining the item.

Loot Options

The group leader can adjust how the party handles looting.

  • Free for All: Loot is gathered on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Round Robin: Group members alternate looting items.
  • Loot Threshold: Select the item quality type that initiates a loot roll. Choose from Premium, Prototype, Artifact, and Legendary item types.
  • Loot Master: Allows a group leader to have complete control over loot distribution.

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