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Character Stats Overview
Like all MMORPG’s The Old Republic is full of stats for all types of damage, defense, and everything in between. Knowing which stat affects what abilities will often mean the difference between who ends up calling the medical droid, you or that Gundark rapidly approaching.

In this guide we aim to give you the edge, by listing out and explaining the various stats available in ToR.

Primary Statistics

The numbers you will be tracking, and be aware of the most are your primary stats. These seven variables will determine everything from how much damage your character deals out, to the effectiveness of your companions. Depending on you class choice; there will also be one stat that garners bonus effects. For instance, in the case of the Jedi Knight and Sith warrior, putting more points into strength not only increases melee damage and critical chance, it also gives an increase in force damage and critical.

With the exception of the Knight/Warrior, the advanced class will also play a role in what bonuses are received. (i.e. Smuggler/Agent - both AC receive bonus to tech dmg/crit, but scoundrel/operative also gain a healing bonus.)

Strength (Bonus: Jedi Knight/Sith Warrior) – Increases melee damage and critical strike chance.
Class Bonus: Force Damage and Force Critical.

Presence – Increases the effectiveness of your companion including, their health, damage, and healing.

Aim (Bonus: Bounty Hunter/ Trooper) – Increases damage and critical chance with ranged weapons.
Class Bonus: All advanced classes receive a bonus to tech damage and critical while Commando/Mercenary also gain a bonus to healing power.

Cunning (Bonus: Smuggler/ Imperial Agent) – Increases your tech damage and critical chance.
Class Bonus: All advanced classes receive a bonus to tech damage and critical while Scoundrel/ Operative also gain a bonus to healing power.

Endurance – Increases your maximum health and health regeneration.

Willpower (Bonus: Jedi Consular/ Sith Inquisitor) – Increases your damage and critical chance with force abilities.
Class Bonus: Shadow/ Assassin gain melee damage and critical bonus. Sage/Sorcerer receive an increase in healing power.

Expertise – Increases your effectiveness in PVP combat by reducing damage taken and increasing damage dealt when facing another player.

Secondary Statistics

Your secondary statistics include things like Power, Accuracy, and Surge which for the most part provide across the board benefits for attacks and heals.

Accuracy Rating – Increases the chance that any of your attacks will hit the target. Any accuracy over 100 percent will reduce the targets defense.

Power – Provides an increase in damage and healing for all abilities. There are also Tech, Force, and Healing specific power stats available on certain gear and modifications.

Alacrity – Decreases the activation time for all of your abilities both cast and channeled.

Surge – Increases the percentage of damage dealt and amount healed during a critical.

Critical Rating – Increases the chance of a critical attack or heal

Defensive Statistics

Your defensive stats will tell you how well you’re going to fare when you end up taking damage, and include your armor rating and resistances/ reductions.

Armor – Reduces the amount of damage received from kinetic and energy based attacks.

Damage Reduction – The four types of damage reduction in the game are kinetic, energy, internal, and elemental. While all four can be increased by finding gear with those specific reductions, kinetic and energy are also bolstered by your armor rating.

Shield Chance – Any classes that are able to equip an off-hand shield will see this stat which represents the chance of that shield activating. You will also find an absorption rating, which depending on the shield, is how much damage it will take when activated.

Defense Chance – Increases your chance to avoid attacks all together. It’s broken down into four categories including melee parry, ranged deflect, force resistance, and tech resistance.

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