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Advanced Class Selection Guide

Easily the most frequently asked question throughout the beta for new players in The Old Republic, we’ve put together a short guide to provide all you need to know about how to select your advanced class. The process itself is relatively simple, but we’ve also included some tips and related information that all new players should be aware of before making their advanced class decisions.

I. What Are Advanced Classes?

Advanced classes are a more specialized version of the core class you choose during character creation. At level 10, all core classes are split into divergent paths which offer not only uniquely different play styles, but the ability to assume different roles in combat as well.

As such, the role you prefer to fulfill in combat will largely help determine which advanced class you will want to choose. Be sure to click on the ‘Advanced Classes’ tab during character creation to determine if the core class you wish to play offers the ability to specialize in the combat role you most enjoy.

II. How Do I Choose An Advanced Class?

As soon as you reach level 10 you will be able to select your advanced class. This process is relatively simple, but we’ve also added some pointers to make it an easy process and help you avoid any confusion.

Before Leaving the Origin Worlds

As soon as you complete your final class quest on one of the four origin worlds (Hutta, Korriban, Tython, or Ord Mantell) you will be given a quest that sends you to your faction’s Fleet Station.

Before heading out, however, you will want to be at or very close to level 10. Completing all available quests (including Heroic quests) on the origin worlds will put you just over the level 10 mark. If you haven’t completed the Heroic quests yet, they are all easily manageable once you obtain your first Companion if you’re unable, or choose not to find a group for them.

While it’s entirely possible to complete your origin world class quests and head to the fleet station as early as level 7 in some cases, I’d advise against it as explained in the following step in the advanced class selection process.

Arrival at the Fleet Station

Upon arrival at the fleet, take the elevator up to the main level, where you will see a group of 4 NPCs directly in front of you. If you are already level 10, one of them will have a quest available that initiates the process of selecting your advanced class, so be sure to speak to them before exploring the rest of the station.

New Player Tip: In the same area there is a Mission Terminal that offers two additional quests that are helpful for new players. One will introduce you to the Social Points system, and the other will point you towards the Crew Skill trainers. Even if you’re familiar with both of these systems, completing these quests provides some decent XP and are easy to complete, so worth picking up while you’re in the area.

Locating Your Class Trainers

The advanced class quest obtained above will direct you to speak to another NPC located next to your class trainer on the station. You can either follow the markers on your mini-map, or opening the full map (M) will also show you where the class trainers are located.

In the resulting conversation, you will be given a basic description of which advanced classes are available to you. As the conversation ends, a window will appear on-screen that contains expanded information on your available options, including what roles each can fulfill in combat as shown below.

At the bottom of this window you will also see two buttons for each advanced class. Before making your final selection, be sure to click on the “Inspect” button, as this will allow you to look at the Skill Trees for each advanced class available to you.

Don’t forget, you can also view the Skill Trees for all available advanced classes right here on our Skill Calculator.

Selecting Your Advanced Class

Once you’ve made your decision, clicking on the “Select” button will complete the process. At this point, if there is any special gear associated with your advanced class selection, you will also be given a bag containing any items you’ll need. For example, choosing the Sniper advanced class will reward you a shiny new Prototype quality Sniper Rifle.

III. Can I Respec Once I’ve Chosen an Advanced Class?

Once you’ve chosen your advanced class as described above, the decision is final so you will not be able to reselect a new advanced class on the same character.

However, you will be able to reset your Skill Points at any time by visiting an NPC in your faction’s capital city. Be aware that the cost for doing so increases each time you respec, so be sure to take your time when assigning points and read through all of the available options.

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