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18 Dec : 07:25
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Band of Brothers and Guild Wars 2
After months of research and endless talks with various players from different communities and alliances, we finally reached a conclusion that we think will be suitable for most of us. BoB`s Guild Wars 2 home server is Gunnar's Hold, within "The Initiative" server community.

If you are an ex BoB member or part of another Band of Brothers active division, you will not be put on trial, instead you become a Prospect.

So if you thought we're gone think again, we are very much alive and kicking and we are starting a new chapter in BoB's history.

If you decide to see how we are doing, you will find a lot of familiar faces but also a lot of new guys, all equally eager to play together in this fantastic new MMO.

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e107mobile You can now visit us on your mobile phone! Simply goto https://www.bob-guild.net/swtor/ on your mobile phone or PDA to get started!
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