Guild Policy

  1. Guild Name: [BoB] Band of Brothers
  2. Leader: Floryn
  3. Home World: [EU] Gunnar's Hold
  4. Guild Type: PvX (view manifesto)

For leveling events, signup restrictions are suspended.

  1. Members who applied as hardcore, can sign up using the dungeon planner (no time restriction).

  2. 48h before the start everyone can sign up for a spot, including prospects and alts.

  3. Do not use the "unsure participation" option on the Event Planner.
    If unsure, leave a comment on the page of the Dungeon/Event you wish to participate on.

  4. Wildcard(s) will be given by the team leader according to event needs, special imbalances etc.

  5. Apply for reserve spots and wildcards using the comment function.
    Comment function is available at the bottom of each Dungeon Event

  6. Your spot is secure for 10 mins after the start. If you do not show up, your spot is gone and goes to a reserve
    If you know you will be late, let someone know and we will keep the spot open for up to 30 minutes.

All planned events start at 19:00 UK Time and ends:

  • a) after the last boss of the instance has been killed.
  • b) at the time which is given on the calendar, whichever is sooner.


  1. SERVER TYPE: Teamspeak 3
  3. SERVER PORT: 12997
  4. SERVER PASSWORD: b0bv3nt
  5. DOWNLOAD CLIENT: click here


Trial will be used when new members are invited into BoB, and when current members switches main character. The Trial period will be 1 month, we will look at Events attendance, social skills and above all game skills. When the Trial period is over, the officers will evaluate and vote.

If you are an ex BoB member or part of another Band of Brothers active division, you will not be put on trial, instead you become a Prospect.


After passing the Trial, one will become a Prospect. It is one step closer to become a full Member, while basically applying the same rules as for the Trialist; However, people who want participate regularly in Dungeons and Elite Dynamic Events, without restrictions need to show more dedication in order to become Members; this does not mean that people who like to socialize rather than focus on dungeons are not welcome - we want a good atmosphere in the guild and everyone is welcomed to participate. Prospect period lasts 1month (it starts after trial ends, in exceptional cases it can be shorter based on a vote among officers). People who pass the Prospect period, but do not wish/can't become Members can remain in the guild as Prospects (based on a vote among officers).

If you become a Prospect, the sign up rules for dungeons are the following: You can only sign up on the planner 48 hours or less before the event start, or of course on the reserve list at any given moment. Any sign up’s on the planner before 48 hours will be deleted!


Those who pass the Prospect period successfully become Members. Members have the privilege of signing up for guild events regardless of time with their Main characters (rotation might apply if present). Once you become a Member, you can't loose that status (once a BooBie, always a BooBie) - provided you won't do something really despicable, in which case do not expect the officers to be merciful; however if you go afk for a prolonged time period, some tests will be in order upon your return to see if you did not loose your touch, apprentice. Only a Member can become an Officer.


If you apply as a hardcore player, you MUST attend our planned events (!!) as its you’re "performance in those events" we will base our decision on either you pass trial or not. So no excuses, if there is a spot in the planner for you’re class and you are able to attend, then sign up!

Hardcore players are required to:

  1. attend VoIP (microphone is not required, but preferable);
  2. attend minimum 10 planned events/month;
  3. visit the site & forum daily;


Hopefully you did!
Not passing through the first Trialist month means an automatic kick from the guild. Being a Prospect gives you a better position, however you still might not make it to the next stage. Officers are the final arbiters on this matter.

We are not a kindergarten - we expect you to know how to behave in general, since you are a grown adult, so there will be no list of exact rules as a guideline following. Don't jeopardize the reputation of the guild by acting like a moron in game or towards other guildies. On forums please respect the forum rules.

DISREGARD the above and you get 1 warning, break the rules again and you will be kicked from the guild, effective immediately.
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