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Band of Brothers Guild Manifesto


Band of Brothers is one of the oldest and most-established guilds in Europe (TESO, GW2, SWTOR, AOC) and has a reputation for being fun, dignified, and also successful. We bring with us in all our MMOs, the same level of commitment, goals and principles, to which we add: experience in guild management (we have learned a lot in 6+ years of running a MMORPG guild) a relaxed environment and a very powerful guild structure.

We are primarily a High-End PVE-focused guild. We also PvP to a lesser extent and it's something we plan to improve on. World vs World (WvW/AvA/RvR) and Structured PvP (sPvP/tPvP) will be part of our daily activities.

We concentrate on endgame content and we believe that having fun with your guild mates whilst coordinating on Ventrilo/TS is more pleasant, rewarding and less time consuming than randomly joining a PUG, where there is no organization or logic and everyone does what they want. In Age of Conan, we have been a guild that have figured out and successfully completed 'hard-mode instances', usually world-first or server-first. We achieved similar results in Guild Wars 2 and we strive to keep our high performance level in all our future MMORPGs!


We plan to build an accomplished end-game team and therefore we need numbers from people who are good and determined. Every mature individual willing to get as good as possible with his class and participate on building a strong and successful guild is welcomed.

Because we want to keep our regular members happy and playing as much as possible, we are likely to not accept more players than what we can manage. We have learned over the years that *numbers aren't everything* and usually a small, but determined group can achieve more than a guild where players log just to get their loot, without bonding or getting to know each-other. We are not an *item farm*, we are a community.

Our philosophy: "there is a time and a place for everything": - we are serious, focused and disciplined when engaging into new areas, and we joke, banter, drink and have fun, once the *farm* status is achieved.


In some of our games (when the loot system demands it), we use a DKP system to ensure an objective standard for loot distribution. We've found our system to be remarkable for gearing up players without any bias or confusion.The points system ensures that more regular players are geared first.


When applying to the guild you become a Trialist. If you lack experience you will be trained in all encounters and how to get the best out of your class. When the Trial period is over, the officers will evaluate and vote. Passing your trial after 30 days will depend on attendance, performance, activity and character. Poor behavior and bad attitude will not be tolerated by anyone.


We have regular competitions for our members and an established medal system for a variety of rewardable reasons. Our website is more than just a place to plan dungeon runs or our daily in-game activities, it is the lively virtual home of our members, full of tactical threads, build discussions, picture threads, videos, jokes, and banter.

English is used in Guild and Group chat. Except for the forum rules, there are no other restrictions on the language or content thereof you may use. We're all adults here (hopefully).


Our attitude to PvP is what we believe it should be: all about fun. Our members are free to engage in or avoid any PvP-related activity as long as they do so fairly and respectfully.

Technical features

  1. State of the art web portal
  2. Ventrilo server
  3. Forum
  4. ShoutBox
  5. Advanced Dungeon and Dynamic Events Planner
  6. Calendar
  7. RSS
  8. Social Media Implementation
  9. Medal System
  10. Video Gallery
  11. Photo Gallery
  12. News Feeds
  13. Info Center, News, Articles & Builds
  14. Integration with 3rd Party databases such as gw2 wiki or gw2-db.com


If you want to join us or find out more about our guild, contact any of our officers or use the application form on our website, respectively: GUILD APPLICATION (you have to register on the website in order to fill the application-more info will be available to you when you access the link).
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