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Thursday 20 March 2014 - 15:41

[Elder Scrolls Online] 20.03.2014 Reddit AMA Summary

Transcript by: dulfy
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Summary of Important info


  1. 5 days early access starts on 7:00 AM EDT, Sunday March 30th
  2. Characters will be wiped for early access/launch, you will be using the same login info/client as beta so don’t uninstall the game.
  3. EU megaserver will be hosted on US initially and then moved to its permanent home in EU


  1. Cashshop will just have a name change server and some vanity pets in the future. No plans for anything else after that.
  2. Playing any race in any alliance is a pre-order perk and we have no plans to offer this bonus in any other way.
  3. Discount for buying multi-month subscriptions

Starter Islands

  1. Decision to make starter island optional was due to feedback about the game being too much on rails. The quest NPCs that leads to them will be much easier to find on live.
  2. The next update puts a questgiver right outside the front door the house/boat you appear in after leaving coldharbour. This questgiver will explicitly show you how to get to the island, should you want to go there
  3. We also are tweaking the tutorial to offer more explicit weapon types to choose from. Our goal is that through weapon drops, lootable chests, and this choice you should be able to find any weapon you want by the time you exit Coldharbour.

Post Launch Plans/Future Content

  1. Development post launch will be on Craglorn, our first adventure zone. More info on that very soon.
  2. No plans for speech bubbles
  3. Expansion in the future, no concrete plans
  4. Good sized content expansions at a regular cadence
  5. Looking at adding in more options in the future for player customization.
  6. No cloaks in the near future
  7. More likely to see new skill lines in the future than expanding existing skill lines
  8. No plans to increase terrain draw distance anytime soon due to tech restrictions
  9. More info on console release after PC/mac launch

Abilities & Traits

  1. We are leveling out cost reduction enchants in veteran rank
  2. Partial charged stealth attacks dealing more damage than fully charged ones is a bug that will be fixed soon.
  3. Dunmer fire talent passive is having some bugs cleaned up, and going to +2%/4%/6% fire damage. The Altmer elemental talent is going to +2%/3%/4% damage with all elements.
  4. We are actively looking at balancing the racial abilities,
  5. Armor and spell penetration are not working properly on traits at the moment. The desired effect is that when I have 10% armor penetration, I ignore 10% of the target’s armor value. Fix should be with either launch or shortly after.
  6. Racial passives will work with the enchantments on jewelry. There is a cool down on procs, or a rate of proc if you prefer. Individual proc rate (cooldown.)
  7. Looking into Templar and their magicka regeneration after changes to Restoring Spirit
  8. We are currently building several new skills for release in future patches, and while I can’t confirm the specifics, many new healing and support spells will be included.
  9. No plans for unarmed skill line
  10. Over 300 skill points are available to obtain
  11. More skills to be added to vampires/werewolves, but won’t come immediately after launch


  1. Working on something to allow RP players to tag themselves as such, no promises
  2. Maybe more costumes and a way to trade them


  1. API in beta exposed certain functions that made macro programs much easier to abuse and there were functions which were exposed that let the API display information not readily available to the normal game client, thus making some players feel they would be forced to use add-ons to remain competitive.
  2. While we are very aware this was going to hurt some add-ons, we felt these decisions were necessary. We certainly tried to keep in things which would still allow for damage numbers to be seen, and what was happening to your character to be seen. As we get deeper into launch, we can always re-evaluate what is available and what isn’t.


  1. Found items will have unique properties not available to crafters, but crafters will be able to enhance those items
  2. Poisons to be part of alchemy in the near future


  1. Tabards and insignias will be in a future update to allow you to represent your guild.
  2. Guild stores will be our ingame market, no plans for a global auction house
  3. Plans for more guild ranks
  4. 10% “house cut” when using guild stores to sell is a gold sink we designed.
  5. Working on fixing guild bank to make items stack properly and more easily searchable
  6. Ability to blacklist player accounts from a guild is something we are discussing
  7. Maximum guild size is 500, you can be a member of up to 5 guilds.

Experience nerf

  1. Nerfed experience from mob kills to keep it in line with experience gain from questing. It was far more efficient in beta to level in public dungeons than questing.


  1. Random dismount is a bug we are looking to fix
  2. We found the problem causing a lot of the quests on the beta weekends to bug out. Fix will be there for launch
  3. Weapon swapping lag/unresponsiveness is something we are working on to fix


  1. Working on something to make it easier to stay together with your group members
  2. Mentoring: No guarantees, but we are looking at the total system and what separates players.
  3. Working on something to make party leader identification more noticeable


  1. You can turn on healthbars of enemies to be always on in the options to make it easier to identity them as enemies due to the lack of nameplates


  1. No plans for dueling
  2. Future PvP content (i.e. arenas, sport style pvp, or more keeps to Cyrodill or different campaigns) will be dependent on player feedback
  3. PvP in Cyrodill is modeled similar to old DAIC style PvP
  4. Keeps are currently tuned to Level 50/Veteran Rank 1 but as players increase in power, Keeps will be increased in difficulty
  5. You can level up in PvP and there are also two skill lines focused on PvP.
  6. If you are on top of your alliance’s leaderboard when the 6 keeps around Imperial City are captured by your alliance, you will become emperor. To lose Emperorship, all 6 keeps have to be captured by the opposing alliance.
  7. Working on a population imbalance scoring addition so that when you have a Campaign with either a lopsided score or lopsided population, the two Alliances on the lower end will get more points for capturing keeps, and more alliance points per kill.
  8. Mercenaries will be only defending specific locations when you deploy them
  9. There are discussions about adding more PVP Quests in Cyrodiil or simply making the Kill 20 players quest a bit more available around the Keeps instead of back at the home portal Keeps
  10. There is high level armor which can be purchased and the Emperor gets their own costume as well.
  11. A Nightblade support build is one that we have read a good deal of concerns about, so I’d expect some changes on the horizon.
  12. Can’t reveal plans for Imperial city atm, it is not accessible at this time.
  13. The only lock on Campaigns are based on your Characters to ensure you don’t have a Dominion, Covenant and Pact character all in the same Campaign. For launch we are going to relax the 24 hour lockout for switching campaigns to a smaller window and the cost, but we are aware of possible guild flooding and will be looking into those issues as they arise.
  14. As for guilds/friends account sharing 24/7 to permlock Emperor – it is possible but that player need to be able to acquire alliance points to stay on top of the leaderboard.

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