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In our very first quarterly update of 2016, you`ll be able to take to the skies of Central Tyria, do battle against a deadlier Shatterer, organize your squad with map markers and promotions, summon an old friend to fight beside you in Stronghold & celebrate traditional Lunar New Year...

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Guild Wars 2 takes a revolutionary approach to online worlds by focusing on your journey – the things you do, the people you meet, and the experiences you have every day – not a race to a destination.
Wednesday 20 March 2013 - 21:18

[ELDER-REALM] PAX East 2013 - ESO Gameplay cover

What we know so far (20.03.2013)

By: Xeverus
Source: click here

  1. First-Person Combat mode will include hand, weapon and spell animations at launch.
  2. You can't manipulate real world objects.
  3. The UI is minimal, but a more in-depth one can easily be chosen.
  4. Questing is narrative-driven and dynamic. There is no grinding like in previous MMO's.
  5. Skills such as stealth bonuses and rapid weapon swapping are unlockable perks.
  6. Dark Anchors, the ties to Molag Bal's realm of Coldharbour, will present a unique challenge and are defended by daedric 'Titans'.
  7. Territories are faction-locked, but only up until Level 50. After that any race can visit any playable area in the whole of Tamriel, though each territory will be scaled for a higher level of difficulty.
  8. When a skill progression tree is maxed out it can be combined with one or more other skill progression trees and morph into something else.
  9. Two or more mobs can group up and attack in different ways, e.g. a Spriggan can use the surrounding foliage to hurt you instead of rushing in.
  10. The Hammerfell Island of Stros M'kai will be the starting area for the Daggerfall Covenant.
  11. Spells do not need to be equipped to be used, but instead fire instantly.
  12. Disguises can be used to walk around enemy camps, as long as you don't get too close!
  13. Looting enemy corpses will not award you with the exact items they were wearing.
  14. Leveling up will grant a boost to either Health, Magicka or Stamina.
  15. There four known classes to choose from; Templar, Sorcerer, Dragonknight and Nightblade.
  16. The Fighter's Guild will be tasked mainly with fighting daedra, whereas The Mage's Guild will move against the Necromancers.
  17. PvP Fortresses will correspond with ruins encountered during Oblivion.
  18. There will be five crafting professions; Armorsmith, Weaponsmith, Enchanter, Alchemist and Provisioner (cook), though players will only be able to master one of these.
  19. Crafting can involve reverse-engineering as well as choices in particular styles and the addition of extra ingredients to base items which add perks.
  20. As well as Race and Guild skill trees, there will also be Vampirism and Lycanthropy skill trees.
  21. Each character wakes up in Molag Bal's realm of Oblivion known as Coldharbour at the beginning of the game.
  22. Zenimax have stated that controller support is a possibility for combat, though it won't be there for launch.
  23. Wayshrines will be usable from any point on the map, but will cost much more.
  24. Equipping items and putting skills into your hotbar enables them to increase in level. The experience you earn splits among all the active elements.
  25. When a player decides to enter the PvP territory of Cyrodiil they will automatically be assigned to a smaller 'campaign' somewhere within the larger province.
  26. Inter-faction communication will be impossible until after Level 50 when players will be able to group up and even run Dungeons with their friends who belong to an rival faction.

Recently added information (21.03.2013)

  1. NPC guilds will offer ways to broaden your character’s power and add another layer of collection gameplay. This includes additional abilities and perks.
  2. Spells and abilities can build off of one another, a feature called synergy. For example, a player can upgrade another's Holy Nova into a "Holy Super Nova."
  3. The stealth skill is available to everyone and will require the use of Stamina to be effective.
  4. ESO's megaserver technology should help alleviate the "underdog" effect that typically plagues PvP servers.
  5. Players who choose crafting can improve items found throughout the game world. This includes items dropped in dungeons and rewarded in AvA combat.
  6. Finding and reading select books CAN increase your abilities.
  7. Collecting 3 "Sky Shards" will grant a skill point.
  8. Vanity / Cosmetic items: You can use disguises. Disguises get equipped into your "Costume slot." If you want to look different, you can just change your disguise!
  9. Crafting is a way to get the BEST items in the game.
  10. Mounts will be in the game but no further information has been released.
  11. Sad news for us all: Player housing is not currently planned!

Tamriel Foundry Intel - 23.03.2013 (source: click here )

  1. There are several fun mini-games and hobbies that a player can pursue in ESO like fishing.
  2. There are no load screens separating the three primary portions of Cyrodiil, the entirety of ESO AvA is a seamless experience.
  3. Healing mechanics function as area of effect and radial group heals. There are limitations on the effective number of players which an AoE heal can affect, first prioritizing group members before other allies.
  4. Armor types feature passive set bonuses which can be unlocked. These bonuses scale with the more pieces of that armor type you are wearing. Players can either dedicate their character largely to a certain type in order to get that armor type’s capstone bonuses, alternatively they can hybridize to find the sweet spot that best fits their build strategy.

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