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ESO so far - an unobjective, biased, mean-spirited, politically incorrect, hostile analysis Syndicate this thread: rss 2.0
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Thu Apr 24 2014, 07:32PM
Country: Czech Republic
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I do not particulary care for Angry Joe, but his views pretty much correspond with how I feel (except his assessment that combat is dynamic; combat sucks balls).

The AvA is the only saving grace of ESO atm - as much as the game bored and irritated me, in AvA I actually chuckle irl quite often, seeing how badly can people fail in simplest of tasks ;p

My top three favourite are:

1) Pet Fail - people that enter stealth, but have pets up (especially the noncombat ones). Pets remain visible all the time, so when you see a monkey or scuttler walking in the middle of nowhere, it is usually free points for you waiting there

2) Map Fail - if you open your map while sneaking, you become visible. It is comical to see person in plain sight looking at a parchment, thinking he is invisible

3) Bash Fail - plenty of people trying to ride the bash bandwagon out there; hilarious to root those and watch them bash empty air. Since idiots do not use brains, they won't even consider switching weapons or anything - no, they just stand there, bashing mechanically into nowhere until they die

You can see VR10s that make these mistakes, yet they have higher field rank than you and are higher on the points ladder. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out how they got there ;p

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