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Sat Oct 06 2012, 07:49AM
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By hovering your mouse over the item name you will see both the resources required to craft it and the buffs that specific nourishment offers.

Name Skill Level ProfessionType Ingredients
Bowl[s] of Fire Salsa400CookSnack
Bowl[s] of Roasted Lotus Root400CookSnack
Bowl[s] of Seaweed Salad400CookSnack
Bowl[s] of Truffle Sautee400CookSnack
Cup[s] of Lotus Fries400CookSnack
Ghost Pepper Popper[s]400CookSnack
Loaf of Omnomberry Bread400CookSnack
Loaf of Saffron Bread400CookSnack
Saffron Stuffed Mushroom[s]400CookSnack 2
Bowl[s] of Asparagus and Sage Salad375CookSnack
Bowl[s] of Eggplant Sautee350CookSnack
Bowl[s] of Mango Salsa350CookSnack
Loaf of Raspberry Peach Bread325CookSnack
Roasted Artichoke[s]325CookSnack
Spicy Stuffed Mushroom[s]325CookSnack 2

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Fri Jul 04 2014, 09:29AM
Country: Romania
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Dry Top ("Gates of Maguuma" Patch) new food recipes:


Chat CodeFoodStatsRecipe with Ingredients
[&AgHfAwEAAA==]Loaf of Candy Cactus Cornbread30min +70 Toughness +20% Boon Duration Sugar RushRecipe: Candy Cactus Cornbread
[&AgHrAwEAAA==]Bowl of Prickly Pear Sorbet30min +80 Ferocity 28% chance to cause might on criticalRecipe: Prickly Pear Sorbet
[&AgHqAwEAAA==]Prickly Pear Pie30min +40% Condition Duration 33% chance to steal life on criticalRecipe: Prickly Pear Pie
[&AgHeAwEAAA==]Prickly Pear Stuffed Nopale30min +40% Condition Duration +70 PowerRecipe: Stuffed Nopale
[&AgHjAwEAAA==]Bowl of Cactus Soup30min Gain Health every second +70 ToughnessDiscovery or buy "Recipe: Cactus Soup"
[&AgHiAwEAAA==]Bowl of Nopalitos Saute1h +70 Toughness +20% Boon DurationRecipe: Nopalitos Saute
[&AgHoAwEAAA==]Plate of Roasted Cactus1h +100 Ferocity 33% chance to cause might on criticalRecipe: Roasted Cactus
[&AgHhAwEAAA==]Bowl of Black Pepper Cactus Salad1h Gain Health every second +70 ToughnessRecipe: Black Pepper Cactus Salad
[&AgHgAwEAAA==]Bowl of Sweet and Spicy Beans1h +40% Condition Duration +70 PowerRecipe: Sweet and Spicy Beans
[&AgHbAwEAAA==]Bowl of Cactus Fruit Salad1h +40% Condition Duration 33% chance to steal life on criticalRecipe: Cactus Fruit Salad
Source: click here

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