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Ruins of Orr spots (Orichalcum / Omnomberries) Syndicate this thread: rss 2.0
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Fri Sep 14 2012, 07:44AM
Country: Israel
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2013 - September Update;

Number 1

Number 2

Rapidos here, all of us are in real need of these 2 mats, so why not make it easier, when you find few spots just edit the image and post it over here.

I've made 2 images of both maps (cursed shore and malchor's leap) using some paint skillz. and they are pretty heavy because I saved them as PNG for highest reso to get the exact spot

Originals maps clean edition (I suggest Save As...)
CS: click here
ML: click here
I'll make a version with the Waypoints, I kinda messed up with this. Will update soon.

Orichalcum Ore = RED
Omnomberries = GREEN

September 14
Cursed Shore: Not yet updated.
Malchor's Leap: click here

[ Edited Sun Sep 15 2013, 07:25AM ]

Sun Sep 16 2012, 06:55AM
Country: Romania
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Malchor's Leap

  1. Beacon Torch 1 (N of Skill Challenge)
  2. Murmur Waypoint 1 ( W )
  3. Pagga's Waypoint 1 ( SW )
  4. Doric's Waypoint 1 ( W )
  5. Hope Falls 1 (Jumping Puzzle)
Cursed Shore
  1. Pursuit Waypoint 1 ( W )
  2. Jofast Waypoint 1 (SE)
  3. Harrowed Sea 1 ( E )
  4. Desmina's Hollow 2
Frostgorge Sound[l
▹ Slough of Despond 2 (E | S)

Eternal Battlegrounds
  1. Obsidian Sanctum (After you exit the well, jump down the stairs where you would normally climb up. The node is on the ground nearby.) - Rich Orichalcum Node which yields 20 Ores.
  2. Obsidian Sanctum (After Chandelier Room)

Source: reddit


Wed Sep 26 2012, 03:43PM
Country: Romania
Posts: 1286


Frostgorge Sound

Path of Starry Skies Waypoint
1 Earthshake Waypoint (NW)

Malchor's Leap

1 Hope Falls Puzzle
1 Spark of Ilya (E, at water level)
1 Rayhan Bayt (NW)
1 Versoconjouring Array
1 Arcadian Deeps (SW)

Cursed Shore

2 Desmina's Hallows
2 The Harrowed Seas
1 Pursuit Pass Waypoint


Tue Oct 02 2012, 02:02AM
Country: Czech Republic
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Cursed Shore (Orichalcum)

Desmina Hallows - go east from the Sharn's Free Camp thru the passage
Anchorage Waypoint
Harbringer's Torch - SE
Harrowed Sea - swim north from The Wreck of The Golden Vanity
Winterknell Shore - SW from the skill point nearby, in the water literally behind the edge of the map

[ Edited Tue Oct 02 2012, 02:03AM ]

Wed Oct 03 2012, 07:37AM
Country: Portugal
Posts: 30

foud this on GWI is not only Orichalcum/Omnomberries.

Resource Map: click here
(it still needs some(lots) of work but it's looking good.

source: click here

Wed Oct 03 2012, 08:09AM
Country: Romania
Posts: 1286

the map is under game-tools menu for over 3 months now
also it's a part of a dedicated thread started in late June: click here

SO the under construction and work in progress is since forever.


Fri Jan 25 2013, 04:52AM
Country: Romania
Posts: 1286

[ Edited Fri Jan 25 2013, 04:56AM ]

Sun Sep 15 2013, 07:22AM
Country: Romania
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