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Mon Apr 16 2012, 02:59PM
Country: Romania
Posts: 1286

Following up an old habit of mine (plus I'm getting old and senile) I am making this thread where I will be logging all my builds, future changes and additions.

As always I will start with the following disclaimer:

  1. a build is not a substitute for skill;
  2. a build is created around a player style and not the other way around;
  3. until we gain more in-game experience, everything is pure theory and might be a failure in practice;


This is a sword & shield build (with staff as secondary weapon set) used to level up in PVE and also provide support in Dungeons and Elite Dynamic Events.


There are a lot of ways a guardian can go in terms of DPS, either by focusing on Power or on Precision or neither of those and in stead taking offensive utility/elite skills, coped with a dps focused weapon setup.

I choose to do dps by focusing on Precision (critical chance) + Prowess (critical damage) and a combination of offensive weapon (1h sword) but with a twist, in stead of taking an offensive offhand (torch/focus) I took a shield (defensive/group oriented) .

  1. Precision is one of the 4 core attributes, it is increased when you level, BUT it is also boosted via Radiance trait line.

  2. Prowess is an attribute introduced in February 2012 and it is available in guardian VALOR trait line.
In order to create a synergy between prowess and precision, you are basically condemned in investing points in both Valor and Radiance trait lines.

As we all know, each trait line has 2 attributes, so in addition to improving precision & prowess we also improve Toughness (increased defense/armor) from Valor line and Malice (Improves the damage done by conditions like burning, poison, confusion, and bleeding) from Radiance line.

Let's take a look at the minor traits gained by going into these 2 trait lines (fixed options):

  1. Radiance (at 20 points invested): 200 Precision; 200 Malice:

    1. Justice is Blind: - activating Justice virtue, passively blinds nearby foes, so we apply an extra condition effect each time we decide to give justice to our allies, which has a default cooldown of 20 seconds.
    2. Renewed Justice: - it refreshes the virtue cooldown, each time you kill an enemy (OP!!!).

  2. Valor (at 30 points invested in this trait line): 300 Toughness; 30 Prowess:

    1. Valorous Defense: You gain Aegis when your HP reaches 50% - meaning you get an extra "next attack block"
      if this will put on cooldown your Aegis Virtue, or if this only refreshes your Aegis remains unknown to me.

    2. Courageous Return: when you rally (that's how it's called when you manage to successfully come back from downed state) your Courage virtue is recharged, meaning you again benefit from an extra"next attack block".
    3. Might of the protector: - you gain might when you block attacks. Might is a boon (stacks in intensity) which increases damage, now think how well is that going to work with our sword & shield build, that got Zealots' Defense Shelter Shield of Judgment Shield of Absorption.

For the major traits from these 2 trait lines I picked:

  1. Radiance: Powerful Blades (sword and spear damage is increased by 5%); Right Hand Strength (15% increased critical chance with one-handed weapons).
  2. Valor: Defender's Shield (Gain extra armor while wielding a shield: +90 toughness); Altruistic Healing (You are healed whenever you apply a boon to allies.); Retributive Armor (10% of toughness is given as a bonus to precision ).

Let's take a look at the beautiful synergy created between Virtue of Justice, which is already on 20 sec CD, and also got an additional blindness condition and the refresh/recharge bonus on each killed enemy. So now we add healing to Justice because you apply a boon each time you use it. Altruistic Healing can also be "cashed" by using (and activating) Signets in the utility slots. Another synergy worth mentioning is created between Altruistic Healing and Virtue of Resolve (when activated: removes conditions and regenerates nearby allies, regeneration is a boon which heals for a small amount of health over a certain length of time) .

Possible issue with my logic: Justice applies a burning effect, burning is considered a condition, but in my opinion when you give the burning bonus to your allies it should be treated as a boon (buff).

A connection is also created between toughness (which is maximized) and precision, through Retributive Armor, which now adds 30 pt. to critical chance(300:10=30) add to that the extra 15% bonus from Right Hand Strength and we got a pretty high critical chance.

Honor Trait line

3rd trait line is pretty much a MUST HAVE in order to survive. Honor line has 2 attributes: Vitality (increased health) and Compassion (Improves all outgoing heals that your character does, including self heals).

Vitality is one of the 4 core attributes, and same as in toughness, power and precision's case, it is increased with your level and additionally through a trait line. Compassion on the other hand can only be increased through Honor trait line.

I invested the remaining 20 points in this line, and gained 200 Vitality and 200 Compassion.
For the minor traits we gained: Vigorous Precision (Gain 1 second of Vigor when you critically hit an enemy) and Selfless Daring (The end of your dodge roll heals nearby allies).

Again a beautiful connection is created between critical hit and a minor trait, in this case, through Vigorous Precision, we gain 1 second of Vigor which is a boon that increases endurance regeneration by 100%. Endurance is used for active dodging and this helps with Selfless Daring which heals nearby allies, again a logical connection created between multiple traits and skills.

For the major traits in this line I picked: Writ of the Merciful - all symbols give regeneration and Battle Presence - nearby allies gain your passive Virtue of Resolve.

Now with this traits choice, I am obligated to use certain utility skills to compensate the lack of points in Virtue trait line. Also the lack of points in Zeal trait line means I NEED to use armor/weapons that increase power attribute (which is also increased with each level).

Slot Skills.png

  1. Healing slot: Shelter
  2. Utility slots: Judge's Intervention, Signet of Judgment, Contemplation of Purity.
  3. Elite slot: Tome of Courage

From the slot skills I will only explain why I choose Tome of Courage, because everything else is swappable (including this tome) provided you earned enough points to get them all. Activating Tome of Courage, replaces your weapon skills with the ones below:

Heal Area Heal Area Heal allies in the target area.
Purifying Ribbon Purifying Ribbon Release a ribbon of light that bounces to nearby allies, removing one condition from each ally hit, blinding each enemy hit.
Protective Spirit (skill) Protective Spirit Grant protection and regeneration to allies in a cone.
Pacifism Pacifism Pacify foes in the area, dazing them for three seconds.
Light of Deliverance Light of Deliverance Fully heal up to five allies.
Cooldown is 3 minutes, it should be reserved for for dungeons/boss fights usage and not spammed brainlessly. The biggest minus for this skill in my opinion, is the fact that you are rooted for the duration of the spells, so you better have your defensive skills on the utility slots, because the weapon skills are replaced with the above.

[ Edited Tue Feb 11 2014, 06:17PM ]

Tue Apr 17 2012, 02:13PM
Country: Romania
Posts: 1286

Secondary Weapon Set: Staff

  • Wave of Wrath: medium range cast (600)

  • Orb of Light: long range spell (1200); good damage but slow cast, recharge cooldown is 3 seconds, this combo also got a sequence called Flash of Light which can be detonated in order to heal your allies, once detonated it puts Orb of Light on12 seconds cooldown (tooltip said 4x initial cd, which is 3 seconds).

  • Symbol of Swiftness: Sear a mystic symbol into the target area, damaging foes and granting swiftness (Swiftness is a boon that increases movement speed by 33%. ) to allies. It has a long cast range (1200) a 15 meter radius (or I think it's meters and not miles ^^) and lasts 4 seconds. It also creates a combo field (light) which I suspect it can be used to create a cross profession combo.

  • Line of Warding: this is also one of the combos tha can be used ( I suspect) to create a cross profession combo, according to the tool-tip it has a 45 seconds cooldown with 5 seconds duration and it draws a line in front of you that foes cannot cross.

  • Martyr - probably the most important combo from the staff arsenal. It has a long range (1200) and it draws conditions from nearby allies to yourself. Gain multiple boons for a short duration, respectively : Fury: 5s - 20% critical chance, Might: 5s - that's 35 Power, Protection: 5s - 33% damage reduction, Regeneration: 5s - that's 750 HP regeneration, Swiftness: 5s - 33% movement speed,Vigor: 5s of 100% Endurance regeneration. The only downside is the long cooldown of 50 seconds.

Also it seems that except, Luna-Atra,, Jon Peters, etc, had a wrong display of guardian trait lines, here is how it looked in 26 march (according to Curse video):

  1. Zeal trait line: Power & Expertise;
  2. Radiance trait line: Precision & Malice;
  3. Valor trait line: Toughness & Prowess;
  4. Honor trait line: Vitality & Compassion;
  5. Virtues trait line: Willpower & Concentration

In my case it only Expertise was replaced by Malice, in Radiance trait line, one had increase damage on conditions the other increase duration of condition effect, thankfully.

I kept Luna-Atra's sig in initial post, but on click it opens the build on, for more clarity.

[ Edited Tue Apr 17 2012, 03:55PM ]

Sat Apr 21 2012, 07:26AM
Country: Romania
Posts: 1286

For sigils I am oscillating between these 3 below (4th is more like a curiosity) because I have a HIGH precision (critical chance) and maxed out critical damage (prowess) plus the trait bonuses. It is basically a 30% chance for causing or gaining an effect when critical hitting the target.

  1. Sigil of Superior Frailty: 30% chance to cause vulnerability for 10s on critical hit. - debuffing
  2. Sigil of Superior Blood: 30% chance to steal life on critical. - defense
  3. Sigil of Superior Strength: 30% chance to apply might for 10s on critical. - dps
  4. Sigil of Superior Force: +5% dmg. - this one although is has a low bonus, it doesn't involve any chances (I don't know if the 5% is from weapon damage or the base damage, or a combination of those in any case if Power is taken into account it is not compatible with my build)

For runes, my main focus was to compensate the attributes that I couldn't cover in trait line and which are needed for my build purpose.

I am aiming for complete set of items for starter (because the bigger bonus you get at rune 5 and 6):

Choice no.1: complete set:
Superior Rune of the Wurm
  1. rune: +25 vitality
  2. runes: +2% critical damage
  3. runes: +50 vitality
  4. runes: +4% critical damage
  5. runes: +90 vitality
  6. runes: +3% damage
    - summed: + 165 vitality; + 6% critical damage; + 3% damage
    - logic for this set: Guardian by nature have a low Vitality, also I didn't maxed this on Honor line (200 points invested out of 300), second stat, the critical damage should be self-explanatory for anyone who took a look at my build.

Choice no.2 complete set:
Superior Rune of the Dolyak
  1. +25 toughness
  2. +15 vitality
  3. +50 toughness
  4. +35 vitality
  5. +90 toughness
  6. You regenerate health
    - summed: +165 toughness; +50 vitality; You regenerate health
    - logic: TURTLE approach, yep this upgrade would increase my already maxed (via trait line) Toughness and also add the one attribute guardians are short off, respectively, vitality and last stat is extra regeneration.

Choice no.3 complete set or 5/6:
Rune of the Ranger
  1. +25 precision
  2. +3% critical damage
  3. +50 precision
  4. +5% critical damage
  5. +90 precision
  6. +5% damage power while you have a companion.
    - summed: +165 precision; 8% critical damage; +5% damage power while you have a companion
    - logic: Taking advantage of my main dps vision, by increasing the already maxed out prowess and by re-assuring my chance of crit hitting with an extra 165 precision

Choice no.4 - 5/6 runes:
Rune of the Warrior
  1. +25 vitality
  2. +15 power
  3. +50 vitality
  4. +35 power
  5. +90 vitality
    - summed: +165 vitality; + 50 power; as you could noticed I didn't took the 6th rune from this set, it give -1 sec on weapon swap, so I could use that slot to improve another attribute, mainly power (+25) either Rune of Balthazar/Centaur/Balefire/Citadel etc. So on this set I would have +165 vitality and +75 power

Rune of Melandru - is also good, if I decide to change some of the Utility Slot skills, it basically reduces the condition (on 6/6 runes) duration by 45%.

[ Edited Sat Apr 21 2012, 07:35AM ]

Mon Apr 30 2012, 01:02PM
Country: Romania
Posts: 1286

Build for: Scepter & Focus

Basically I felt in love with this weapon and only having both control and support role in 1 build, is what stopped me from not making it my main weapon set. The damage and critical hits, plus the range, makes it wonderful

  1. Orb Of Wrath: 900 range, it says on description that it is "a slow casting spell" but it really isn't, if used from close range it fires rapidly, from distance it indeed fires a slow moving orb, magic alignment: light.

  2. Smite - Now this is the sh*t. It has same medium, 900 meters range, but it does incredible damage on a relative low cooldown (6seconds).

  3. Chains of Light 20 seconds coldown, same 900 range s the other skills, the main point of this combo is to immobilize your foes, for 2 seconds (wiki description is wrong, I've checked my screenshots) apparently 4 seconds was to long and it got nerfed...

The above was the scepter weapon skills, below we have the ones from offhand, in my case, Focus:

  1. Ray of Judgment 900 meters range, and applies: 5 seconds Blindness (next attack misses), regenerates your allies (5 seconds) and they also loose 1 condition, in one word a PERFECT combo. The downside of this is the long cooldown: 25 seconds
  2. Shield of Wrath Create a shield to block the next several attacks. If the shield is not destroyed, it explodes, damaging nearby foes. 45 seconds cooldown (bit much) and 225 meters radius.If the shield is not destroyed by your foes it will explode, damaging all the enemies in the immediate vicinity.

The above combination seems very good, but scepter lacks 1 essential thing, AoE damage, so next BWE I have to see how well this works and if it's more viable to switch my offhand to torch.

So, what was wrong with the Staff?

Nothing was wrong with it, but from 5 weapon skills, in practice I had time to use only the Line of Warding, which was awesome, but often useless because nearly no ally was standing behind the impenetrable wall (idiots). So this was mostly a solo combo, used after I fired up my bubbles from main weapon set (s&s) I had to switch to staff for extra control.

Martyr, is very good in theory, but in practice, nearly all the players had their own conditional removals, so was pretty pointless, plus it roots you in place for the duration of the casts (meh).

Wave of Wrath, was good for AoE damage, I often, in solo-play, strafe kitted 3- mobs while using auto-attack and dpsing them. The main issue is that for a freaking staff, 600 range for the main combo is way way to low, and the Orb of Light is a slow casting spell, on 3 seconds CD, if not detonated (nearly never the case) if you do detonate, it goes on 12 seconds CD, so you are basically without a real range dps weapon.

Some thoughts on the guardian play:

It is a group, utility & buffing beast, and I think that at level 80 it will be a true support & control character, unfortunately a lot of the effectiveness of the class relies in the trait lines, and at low levels it can be TRICKY sometimes.

Another thing that bothered me, was that despite the speed I was able to swap between weapon sets (hello IMBA mouse binds) and apply various bubbles and boons, it was barely enough. IMO the real issue is the low base health the guardian gets. What he wins in Toughness he looses in Vitality. Basically you can support a lot of incoming raw hits, but you cannot take dots and damage that is not mitigated by armor.

The above issue is easily compensated at higher levels by investing points in Honor trait line (Vitality & Compassion) and by adding vitality runes and sigils to your armor, but all this is very frustrating at lower levels where you do not have access to those traits and that kind of armor and upgrades.

Closing thought: The REAL gameplay makes a lot of the theory-craft useless, because of the game speed and constant movement, some skills and weapon choices are simply not viable (mostly the ones that root while casting them, or those that require a 2-3 combination to become viable).

[ Edited Mon Apr 30 2012, 01:08PM ]

Wed Jun 13 2012, 04:05PM
Country: Romania
Posts: 1286

POST BWE #2 Build (Sword & Shield | Scepter & Focus)

Due to the new trait distribution system I was forced to change some stuff that I previous had. Plus some mechanics proved to be utterly useless in pvp and pve combat (mainly symbols - only one worth having is Signet of Judgment and even that one only kept as passive -10% damage).

Other changes in this build:

  1. Blind Exposure Applying blind also applies vulnerability. Which is quite often considering that my main weapon second skill, Flashing Blade, applies blindness at each 10 seconds.

  2. Honorable Shield Shield skills recharge 20% faster.

  3. Superior Aria: Shout recharges are 20% faster. Virtues (Justice, Resolve and Courage) used by the guardian profession are activated as shouts.

  4. Pure of Heart: Aegis heals on removal. This one is experimental. TODO: Establish the amount of healing generated by the skill.


Sun Jun 30 2013, 06:40AM
Country: Romania
Posts: 1286

I was gonna post this before I got hit by metrica jp ban hammer, but here is my PvE/WvW semi-buffed guardian post "balance" patch.

Power/Toughness/Vitality gear, Runes of the Forge and various ascended jewelry swapping weapons, major traits and skills, according to each unique situation.

I find 33% critical chance quite enough. With a warrior beside you, furry (20% extra critical chance) is never an issue.

Health pool moves between 21 000-22 500 depending on the WvW buff state (this SS was made on reset)

Favorite setup:

Weapons: GS, Scepter/ Focus (Dungeons); GS, Scepter/Shield -WvW small group (using Shield of Abortion to push thieves out of their Shadow Refugee) ; GS/ Staff (with restoration sigil) on mindless auto-attack zerg wvw.
Utility: SY, SyG (WvW),HtL, SoJ

Note: On the attached SS I am self buffed only.

Worth noting as well: I am stealing hp on critical hits, GS attacks, weapons swap (superior sigil of leeching) , Resolve passive regeneration and shout regeneration.

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