Advanced Event Planner System

You do not belong to a class that is granted access to manage characters.

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Signup Rules

For leveling events, signup restrictions are suspended.

  • Members who applied as hardcore, can sign up using the dungeon planner (no time restriction).
  • 48h before the start everyone can sign up for a spot, including prospects, social players and alts.
  • Do not use the "unsure participation" option on the Event Planner. If unsure, leave a comment on the page of the Dungeon/Elite Dynamic Event, you wish to participate on.
  • Wildcard(s) will be given by the team leader according to event needs, special imbalances etc.
  • Apply for reserve spots and wildcards using the comment function.
  • Your spot is secure for 10 minutes after the start. If you do not show up, your spot is gone and goes to a reserve
  • If you know you will be late, let someone know and we will keep the spot open for up to 30 minutes.

All planned events start at 19:00 BST (UK Time) and ends:

  • a) after the last boss of the instance has been killed.
  • b) at the time which is given on the calender, whichever is sooner.

Event Planner read access:

To see the events on planner you need to be a member of one of the following classes: officer, full member, prospect or recruit. If you meet that requirement and you still can't view or sign to an event, please contact one of our officers.
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