News Item: BoB kills General Sheng
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Posted by cynara
Tuesday 06 September 2011 - 12:30:24

BoB kills General Sheng!

5 September 2011

Ahlvie (Ahni), Alarith, Alatikus, Angellis, Arjun, Bogdann (Blasphemer), Conndar, Corteez, Cynara, Diamondstorm (raid leader), Dirtynecro, Doomdoor, Isao, Ithr, Jonnymedic, Kishara, Kyrill, Minodoom, Phaith, Schugem, Ulvhale (Akhabet), Yarralamundu, Yeoldtart, Walgard, Zvenya

And many thanks also to everyone else who was present in the progression raids

(Note: the picture above is from the second kill, 12 September. For a picture of the first kill click here.)

This news item is from Band Of Brothers - Age of Conan Unchained
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