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Date published: Wed, 20 Feb 2019 13:47:51 +0000
Floryn, Monday 22 August 2011 - 13:51:49



  • Name your Main Character: click here
  • Raiders and recruits who applied as hardcore, can sign up using the raid planner (no time restriction), except for rotations.
  • 48h before the raid everyone can sign up for a spot (regardless of rotations), including casual raiders and alts.
  • Do not use the "unsure participation" option on the raid planner. If unsure, use the reserve thread.
  • You have to be red on the raid leaders screen 5 minutes before the raid starts, if you aren’t you wont get the 2 dkp points for starting the raid.
  • Wildcard(s) will be given by the raid leader according to raid needs, special imbalances etc.
  • Apply for reserve spots and wildcards on the raid forum.
  • Your spot is secure for 10 mins after the raid start. If you do not show up, your spot is gone and goes to a reserve
  • If you know you will be late, let someone know and we will keep the spot open for up to 30 minutes.


  1. 8 points are given for a raid
  2. 2 points are deducted for being late and leaving early,if you join a raid in the final stage, the dkp points will be accordingly to the time already spent in the raid/time left of the raid. IF the raidleader ask's you to relog another char in the middle of a raid YOU will have the option to choose if youre dkp points should be split between those two characters, OR if all of the dkp points will go to the char you signed up with,and started the raid with. Again, this is only when asked. To get all 8 points you have to be:

    • a) logged in
    • b) playing the char you signed up with
    • c) invited to the raid
    • d) RED on the RL screen
    • e) NOT afk

  3. All raids starts at 19:00 UK Time and ends:

    • a) after the last boss of the instance has been killed.
    • b) at the time which is given on the calender, whichever is sooner.

  4. For item cost see this 1.6 DKP SYSTEM PARITY
  5. DKP Reward for the evening are added after deducting item cost


  • SERVER ADDRESS: bob.maxfrag.net
  • SERVER PORT:4131
  • SERVER PASSWORD: b0bv3nt


Golden rule in any BoB raid, unless EXPLICITLY specified otherwise: "PASS ON EVERYTHING!"
Raids that were not on planner or when we have guests from other guilds, represent exception to the rule.


- Trial will be used when new members/raiders are invited into BoB, and when current members switches main character.
- The Trial period will be 1 month, we will look at raid attendance, social skills and above all game skills. When the Trial period is over, the officers will evaluate and vote.


If you apply as a hardcore raider, you MUST raid (!!) as its you’re "performance in the raids" we will base our decision on either you pass trial or not.
So no excuses ……… if there is a spot in the raid planner for you’re class and you are able to attend the raid, then sign up!!


If you apply as a casual member the sign up rules for raids are following: You can only sign up on the planner 48 hours or less before raid start, or ofc on the reserve list at any given moment. This rule ONLY applies for Tier 3 and Tier 4 raids, BRC raids are free for all.
Any sign up’s on the planner before 48 hours will be deleted!


Hopefully you did!
Our policy for this is that if you fail trial as a hardcore raider you will be automatically kicked from BoB, however exceptions can be made if we feel you have what it takes to improve, you will then be asked to stay on as a casual raider and the casual raider sign up rules will then apply.

The reason for doing this is that we all need to be more focused in raids, the way it have been is that some of the raiders carry the rest threw on their shoulders and it isn’t fair as we are in this together and we all should do our best.
These rules are also for preventing that a experienced raider looses his/her spot to a new member or a alt that atm doesn’t pull their part of the weight.


BoB have never hosted any pug raids, simply because we have always been big enough to make it guild raids instead.
If YOU have a growing wish to lead pug’s in Hyboria you will NOT do this with the Band of Brothers tag over you’re name unless the officers give you the go for this.
We are a respected guild and negative publicity as a pug leading might give us, is something we can do without tbh.
So here is what you do if you so strongly want to lead pug’s: Tell us about it and we will find a BoB raid you can lead first so we can see how good you are, if the officers agree then you are free to lead pug’s as much as you want.

(link to forum thread: click here )

For the list with the players who can claim the IBIS sword: click here
As you guys know, we decided that we are going to use DKP to distribute the loot, and ask the person next line (in getting the sword) to provide Minojerv with the resources needed to craft the weapon.

UPDATE: if a person provides 10 shards by himself (in addition to the other materials), we can craft him a sword regardless of his DKP, and without taking any of his DKP away after he gets the sword: - we can do this in any week in which there is not enough shards in the guild bank for us to craft a sword in the usual way.

  1. The guild shards will only be used for crafting a Ibis sword to main characters;
  2. The list gets frozen ONLY when there are 10 shards in guild bank;;
  3. If any alts want it they will have to bring their own shards;
  4. Either way main or alt you HAVE to put you’re name on this crafting list, as it’s mains first the swords for a alt will be crafted if the mains in that list haven’t gotten all the materials yet or wants to wait;

The raid leader should announce whom gets their sword crafted some day’s prior to raid to avoid confusion.
For a list of resources needed to craft the quest item CREST OF IBIS, see this topic.



  • The selection formula is DKP-raid attendance-time in BoB[toolfaq]minimum 3 months, 1 trial+ 2 full member[/toolfaq];
  • Persons need to announce they want item. They will be then added to list of players wanting T3 crafted item. For a list of players eligible to claim a T3 crafted weapon/shield click here;
  • The eligible players are expected to have great attendance in raids or he/she will be removed from the list;
  • The item is crafted when we have 2 (or more) ingots, to the person who is first on the list based on DKP;
  • Item costs 75% of DKP and person getting item needs to give guild materials to craft 2x Strange Malleable Alloy excluding Shards of the Exiled God ;
  • The list gets FROZEN only for the person on top, rest is subject to change;
  • The person next in line has to specify in this thread that he wants the weapon/shield and provide the resources needed to craft the ingots (for a detailed list of resources & materials click here);
  • List gets locked ONLY when the guild bank has a minimum of 30 shards;


  • Only main char's can claim T3 craft weapons/shields;
  • You need to be an ACTIVE RAIDER (People with raider stats get priority over casual members);
  • You need to be an active member of the guild for minimum 3 months, 1 trial+ 2 full membership.
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