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Date published: Wed, 20 Feb 2019 13:47:51 +0000
BoB Officers


Worked her way up (and through) the many ranks (and men) in Band of Brothers with her kindness and generosity, she became the heart and soul of the guild. But don’t mistake her warm spirit for weakness. When not bitch-slapping people to the ground in raids, she can often be found in the Old Tarantia nursery, eating babies.

After months of back-stabbing and bribery, she managed to overthrow the reign of Chancellor Alatikus and seize Potentate status in Band of Brothers where she currently reigns from her Ivory Tower. Also helping as part-time raid-leader, Sith Ahni is to BoB like syphilis is to Cynara; an intrinsic feature.

Ahni is the Bear Shaman mentor and the Guild Leader of Band of Brothers.


Strong and determined, yet modest and smart, this fierce warrior fought his way through Picts in Tortage, brainless cambions in BRC, past the dubiously-designed platform of Chatha, to stand toe to toe with the evil of Thoth-Amon’s Stronghold itself and bitchslap it to the ground. A helper, a contributor, reliable, and dangerous, Arjun was promoted to Officer status after a history of long consistent service to Band of Brothers.

A man who loves his guild and loves his character, someone who is a Barbarian through and through; if you want dps you call for ARJUN.

Arjun is the Barbarian mentor


Equally good with his epic Ranger or stunning Necro, Arrop is a man of few words but high standards, and when he says something, it’s worth listening to. Not one to mess around, this straight talking player is as important in raids as he is on the PvP battlefield. Definitely someone you want as an ally, Arrop’s friendship and affection for Akhabet truly warms the heart. A man with a long history in BoB, Arrop is known for his cool head and thoughtful insights.

Arrop is the mentor for Necromancers and Rangers, the joint recruitment officer, and the raid sign-up constable


Voted best looking female in the guild and by extension therefore, the entire world, Angellis is a brave and determined Guardian who will protect the lecherous and alcoholic peoples of BoB with her last breath. (However, should you die first there are no guarantees what your body will be used for…)

Stepping forward as guild-architect and occasional raid-leader, Angellis also holds the position of Deputy-Guild Leader. If you have a problem or any question, Angel will make sure it’s passed on to someone who cares. Angellis’ name and hairstyle have become the subject of much copying, and her comely buttocks have drawn the somewhat undeserved nickname of “Whore” by her guildmates.

Angel has become the love that dare not hath its name spoketh, and coupled with Floryn’s inability to form coherent sentences, has resulted in an assortment of pseudonyms, such as Anglix, Anlge, and the ever popular Angle.

In any group or raid, Angellis is passionate about protecting all comrades. She will always be watching over you. Probably.

Angellis was the joint-Guardian mentor


A very skilful players who excels with every character he plays, but whilst his caster dps is legendary, he remains the archetypal conqueror of BoB. Consistent and smart, he provides insight and versatility wherever he goes.

When the officers were looking to add to their ranks with dedicated players who knew their stuff, but also would never shy away from saying it like is, Blasphemer was the name at the top of the list.

Blasphemer is the conqueror mentor


After decades of whoring his way through Hyboria, Cynara was cursed by the gods to be reincarninated into the body of a beautiful blonde and find out what it feels like to be cocked all the live-long day.

Helpful and patient, Cynara became the cornerstone of Band of Brothers, relentlessly slaughtering every basalt node that dared to cross his path, diligently donating tower, wall, and gate to the Guild City with the consistency of a mildly autistic obsessive compulsive on amphetamines. When not lying down with her legs akimbo, you will always see Cynara, in one form or the other, in BoB raids.

“Slutface” was identified by Floryn as the perfect recruitment officer for BoB, and was given the job of assimilating the entire server, during which time she’s made the Borg Queen look like Emily Post.

Cynara is the mentor for the Herald of Xotli class


Found starved and beaten in the Fields of the Dead, Mino was in danger of being nibbled to death by level 1 rabbits, before a kindly old man took him in and taught him the ways of Guardianship. Now known as the Silent Rock, Mino became a steadfast warrior in Band of Brothers; never backing down, never running away, and never talking. Whether it’s being a wall of stone, or harvesting it, you can count on Mr. Reliable. You can question his microphone, but you can never question his dedication.

Mino has branched out into many other Hyborian studies, including the art of assassins and the deadliness of demonologists. He is now counted as a vital and powerful member of any raid or group.


When the call went up for gay Swedish alcoholics, Thraall responded with uncompromising apathy. Backing up an assortment of deadly and efficient characters from tank to dps, that distinctive voice so often layered with Captain Morgan and semen belies an intelligent and determined competitor. Effective on caster or tank, Thraall’s true art lies in Dark Templar mastery, where he has surely become one of the best in the whole game.
Proving beyond a doubt that keyboard use or indeed consciousness doesn’t have to be related to blood-alcohol level, Thraall delights with his positive attitude and humour, and scathes noobs and veterans alike with bitter condemnations.

Known by a variety of names (some of them unrepeatable), he will always be known as Thraall to us. Under the pseudonym of Yeoldtart, is the mentor for Dark Templars.

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