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Mon Dec 12 2011, 03:09PM
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Well, I came here to write a good bye to my BoBbies - then saw that Akha already wrote his. Typical bastard, stealing my ideas

Anyway, here goes:

Back in June 2008 I was sat in the pub (shock) with some friends (look it up, Akha). And despite much resistance from me, they talked me into trying this new "MMO" they were playing. I couldn't have had any idea what was to come. It's only a game, some might say. Perhaps because it's the first time I ever did anything like it, it had such a profound effect on me. It was great, and often unhealthy In my time here I've laughed myself breathless, I've shed a tear or two, I've been angry and frustrated (I mean, how hard is it to kite the Hollow Knight??), and I've been extremely proud of what BoB accomplished.

It may be self-indulgent, but earlier this year I started writing my "angel memoirs" - a history of my time in BoB from the start to the end, and all the experiences, funny stories, gossip, banter and boss kills that filled the time. It was 20,000 words long and I wasn't even half-way through. One day I'll finish it, and I'll post it here if anyone wants to read it. That will explain the love I have for this guild better than anything I can say in a post like this. It made me a good player, but it made me an even better person. I can only thank my BoBbies for that.

If you could just freeze moments in time, I wonder... well, the Thoth Amon kill on 29th Nov 2010. The first Vistrix kill I saw. The first time I tanked Stinky. That night when the servers were down and 15 people still logged into Vent just to talk and laugh. But the truth is, I adored every night I logged on. From the butterflies I used to get about to tank the Honourguard, to Stinky, to TA. Loved it. Those moments and many more are the ones that you take with you. Right now, I'd give almost anything to nip back in time to one of those moments, and just savour last time. But sometimes lives cross and stick, and other times they overlap for a spell and carry on their way. But I think the friends I made here will last a lifetime.

I'm a very passionate and philosophical guy and I could go on forever, but I think I've rambled on enough now So I'll just say thank you for the privilege of being your member, your tank, your officer, your make-shift occasional raidleader, and most importantly, your friend.

See you...out there!

ps: and if things change, I'll come show CoE tanks how it's done

Yours faithfully,


PPS: will post pics soon!

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Mon Dec 12 2011, 03:54PM
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Be a stranger, and I will hunt u down in Welch-land

My right hand and love, have fun my dear and I hope to see u soon.

Lot's of love
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Tue Dec 13 2011, 12:33AM
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Mmm.. the stranger.
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