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Wed Dec 07 2011, 08:05PM
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Hello my beloves,
During 2 weeks (as some1 could see) my in-game activity went down. I´m really sorrry abouth that, but my RL´s desires sudendlly has come true (drinking---hunting----fucking---vomiting---thinking of Coppenhagen---vomiting again and ofc sleeping on the stairs:), but I´m back again, stable and rdy for going to any action.....
Cya in the GAME
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Wed Dec 07 2011, 11:16PM
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LOL. wb then
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Thu Dec 08 2011, 12:06AM
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You're still thinking about Copenhagen? WB Walgard!
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Thu Dec 08 2011, 12:08AM
Evil Puppy
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Drinking-hunting-fucking the corpse of the dead deer-vomiting over the corpse-fucking it again...

Sounds like a hoot.
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Thu Dec 08 2011, 01:06AM
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Rofl........ wb Wal
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Thu Dec 08 2011, 02:22AM

ye you better hope it was a deer Akha

WB Wal
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