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33 314 Fri Dec 16 2011, 11:10AM
Recruit's Corner
New to BoB? Tell us more about yourself! Read the guides! Post your build! (and for the love of GOD please read: INFO BoB).
28 233 Mon Dec 05 2011, 02:59AM
Tier 3/4 Strategy Forum
Post in this forum if you would like to add information's regarding Toth Amon Stronghold (T3) or Jade Citadel (T4) encounters.
sub-forums: Tier 3, Tier 4
13 108 Sat Nov 26 2011, 10:13PM
Everything about anything
As the forum title suggests, everything that doesn't fit in a more specific forum category can be posted here.
32 205 Wed Dec 14 2011, 10:56AM
25 915 Fri Dec 16 2011, 08:38AM
Crafting Zone
Armor recipes, weapon recipes, alchemy, gem cutting and tradeskill resources. All can be found in this forum!
8 49 Sat Sep 24 2011, 01:38PM
Guild City
A guild city is a major commitment, requiring a massive investment of blood and treasure to create and maintain. With a great price comes a great reward, however, as the benefits for owning one extend beyond lording over your greatness to one and all.
5 51 Sat Dec 24 2011, 02:16AM
Class Forums ( Restricted Access )
Unconventional and devious fighters, characters in the Rogue Archetype are those intent on causing maximum harm to their opponents through any means necessary.
5 58 Tue Nov 22 2011, 07:57AM
Able to wear heavier armor & full plate , the soldier is able to soak up damage like no other. Parent forum for DT & Conq.
sub-forums: Dark Templar, Conqueror
11 256 Fri Nov 11 2011, 09:46AM
Weapons: One-handed Blunt, One-handed Edged, Polearms, Crossbows, Thrown Weapon.
Armor: Cloth, Light Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor, Full Plate, Shields.
8 122 Sun Sep 11 2011, 03:17AM
Priest of Mitra
Proud and devout, the Priests of Mitra ensure that the teachings of their god are protected and passed on to their followers. Their faith allows them to draw on great determination and belief that they cannot help but instill in those around them.
9 47 Sun Oct 16 2011, 04:34AM
Tempest of Set
This elder god, ancient when man was young, rewards his most faithful disciples with mighty powers, such as lightning strikes that can tear the tops from mountains or lay waste to entire regions.
8 47 Thu Nov 03 2011, 12:09AM
Bear Shaman
Gifted individuals – often referred to as wise men or wise women – have held a special, unbreakable bond with the spirits of nature. Those of them who decide to leave their tribes and head into the world of great adventure, often call themselves Bear Shamans.
4 16 Sat Nov 05 2011, 03:34AM
Magic experts who have aligned themselves strongly with otherworldly demonic forces. Their damaging magical attacks drain from the caster's own life force. The class also wield augmentative magics and summon demonic servants to do their bidding.
6 92 Sat Nov 05 2011, 03:43AM
The master of unholy magic, he animates the dead and corrupts the living. Looking down on the Demonologist for needing to strike bargains for power, the Necromancer needs no such crutch, relying on his own mastery of death to dispatch his enemies.
4 62 Tue Oct 04 2011, 07:47AM
Herald of Xotli
Hybrids of the mage and soldier archetypes who wield alien spells and two handed weapons, making them a formidable enemy on the battlefield. This class is for players who want to master both brutal swordplay and spectacular sorcery.
2 25 Mon Oct 31 2011, 07:55AM
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