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BoB kills General Sheng
BoB kills General Sheng!

5 September 2011

Ahlvie (Ahni), Alarith, Alatikus, Angellis, Arjun, Bogdann (Blasphemer), Conndar, Corteez, Cynara, Diamondstorm (raid leader), Dirtynecro, Doomdoor, Isao, Ithr, Jonnymedic, Kishara, Kyrill, Minodoom, Phaith, Schugem, Ulvhale (Akhabet), Yarralamundu, Yeoldtart, Walgard, Zvenya

And many thanks also to everyone else who was present in the progression raids

(Note: the picture above is from the second kill, 12 September. For a picture of the first kill click here.)

Posted by cynara on 06 Sep : 12:30 | Comments: 6 | | LAN_NEWS_24 | | printer friendly |
Drungly 06 Sep : 13:06

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Congratz to us! It was about time that he went down It shows what this guild is capable of if everyone puts a little bit of extra effort in progression.
Ithr 06 Sep : 13:31

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And there are no lags
Chosenn 06 Sep : 15:50

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Gz now you get FULL raid sign up...

Big GZ !!
linlin 07 Sep : 04:56

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gratsi to all raiders.
Epsilon 12 Sep : 15:07

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Gratz BoooBIes )) really glad 2 hear that )))
but, how many guilds managed it aswell on crom?
cynara 12 Sep : 16:57

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We're the fifth.

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