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Hutt Cartel expansion launching April 14, 2013

Our spy network tells us that Makeb continues the player's personal story where it left off at the end of the base game. Whether you're a Jedi Knight who just finished an epic battle on the Imperial homeworld of Dromund Kaas or a Sith Lord who has taken her seat with the Dark Council, the next step is the Hutt-controlled planet of Makeb. For the longest time, the Hutts have remained neutral during the whole galactic conflict, yet recently, they have found new boldness.

Besides Makeb, RotHC brings with it a new level cap (up to 55), at least one brand-new ability for each class, multiple new questlines (on and off Makeb), new level-55 flashpoints, a new level-55 operation, and new gear. Additionally, if you pre-order before 7:00 p.m. EDT on April 13th, you will receive three exclusive in-game items: the title Scourge of the Hutts, a Makrin Seedling mini-pet, a Dr. Oggurobb Hutt holostatue.
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Band of Brothers and Guild Wars 2
After months of research and endless talks with various players from different communities and alliances, we finally reached a conclusion that we think will be suitable for most of us. BoB`s Guild Wars 2 home server is Gunnar's Hold, within "The Initiative" server community.

If you are an ex BoB member or part of another Band of Brothers active division, you will not be put on trial, instead you become a Prospect.

So if you thought we're gone think again, we are very much alive and kicking and we are starting a new chapter in BoB's history.

If you decide to see how we are doing, you will find a lot of familiar faces but also a lot of new guys, all equally eager to play together in this fantastic new MMO.

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The latest MMO bit by the Free to Play bug is Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic. One of the most highly anticipated MMO’s in years was popular at launch but has since seen a decline in its user base. This fall, you will be able to advance to the level cap of 50 with all classes. Some content and functionality will remain locked and is accessible through micro transactions.

We’ve seen this swap to a F2P model work well for other games in the genre, revitalizing them by bringing back an active community that was driven off by the thought of paying a monthly fee. With high profile competitor Guild Wars 2′s impending release this August it will be interesting to see how many will actually return to SW:TOR. Many players said The Old Republic made for a fantastic single player game if you ignore the multiplayer and grouping mechanics so those of you itching for KOTOR 3 might want to give this a look. Below is the list found on the Bioware site showing the differences between the two models.

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