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Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™ is the first expansion for Guild Wars 2. Founded on the idea that the journey is the goal, the Heart of Thorns expansion continues the Guild Wars 2 tradition of challenging the conventions of MMOs to fulfill the promise of what online worlds should be.

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Thursday 07 June 2012 - 09:32

Guild Wars 2 Reddit AMA (06.06.2012) Summary

By: Broseph
Source: click here

Here's a more easy to read version that sums up everything that Arenanet team mentioned during the AMA (Ask me Anything) . This was taken from Reddit, all credits go to the author mentioned above.


  1. It should be easier to group up with friends in overflow servers.
  2. A number of performance optimizations have been made since BWE1, but it may still be laggy as they are not done optimizing yet.
  3. They have made improvements to skill queueing since the last BWE and there are still more to come before release.
  4. Skill rooting is being fixed. They have fixed a few of the skills but there are still some out there that need fixing. They also said that "skills should stop you if they feel like they should stop you, otherwise, they shouldn't."
  5. You still can't rebind left or right click.
  6. Pet AI has been worked on but may still be buggy.
  7. First person view is something they want to add post release and camera swing will be disabled.
  8. They will be taking a closer look at downed skills as some professions have it better than others.
  9. In regards to the sliding effect people feel when walking, what you see now is mostly what you will get on release.
  10. Dueling will be out some time after release. They are still figuring out how it will work.
  11. They have improved the "sense of hitting". This phrase is used for all visceral combat improvements which includes audio, effects, animations, timing of skills, camera shakes, and a number of other things.
  12. They have added an effect LOD system.
  13. They have identified some noisy effects and made them less noisy.
  14. New weapons like two-handed axes might be in expansions.
  15. Two-handed weapons will most likely be getting two sigil slots, they ran out of time to add this in BWE2 though.
  16. They want to work on a template which allows you to easily swap weapon sets, traits, skills etc after launch.
  17. There will be new content in the maps that were already available in BWE1.
  18. There is an item previewer in the works that did not make it for BWE2, but the game will ship with it.
  19. You can now see what major traits are available in a tree without spending points.
  20. They may look into your character causing bigger splashes when you jump into water from a high height.
  21. Apparently Guardian is proving to be the hardest class to develop, balance etc.
  22. In the human storyline, there is now more room for you to fight in (no more insanely narrow corridors)
  23. The carnival skill point guy in Beetletun should no longer die.
  24. When moving from map to map you will now retain your party.
  25. They are investigating some options to help out colorblind folks.
  26. When you are out of coins, resurrecting at a waypoint is free.
  27. Servers won't go down when they need to patch the game. You will just need to restart your client, much like in GW1.
  28. They are working on an API which allows you to get data out of the game (eg web services)
  29. They would like to work on a MAC version after launch.
  30. It won't be on Steam. Apparently Valve has some new business terms that Anet say will keep almost all new MMOs off Steam. Interesting.
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