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Friday 01 June 2012 - 16:15

Guild Wars 2: Gendarran Fields lvl 25-35 explorable area

From the recent PCGamer live stream we leaned that next Guild Wars 2 beta event (08-10 June 2012) will have a new explorable area available called Gendarran Fields. This is a level 25-35 zone, located north of Lion's Arch and it connects with: Kessex Hills, Lion's Arch, Lornar's Pass, Queensdale, Snowden Drifts & Valley Headland.

Other things that we learned from this cast:

  1. Key modifiers are now available
  2. New dodge UI
  3. New minimap. There are several UI size options and you can also revert back to the previous round version. Click here for a image sample.
  4. Skills are now tiered to where you have to buy a certain amount of points in one tier before you are allowed to buy any in the next tier. Click here for a image sample.
  5. Traits = tierception. "First tier 1-6, second tier 1-10, and last tier is 1-12." Click here for a image sample.
  6. Buffs and debuffs now show duration times

If you missed the live stream, click here for PC Gamer's recording and click here for IGN's version of the latest Guild Wars 2 build.

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