[Guild Wars 2] The Gates of Maguuma[Guild Wars 2] Game Update Notes - April 15, 2014The Elder Scrolls Online -  BoB` page

[Guild Wars 2] The Gates of Maguuma

The Zephyrites have met with trouble, and there are rumors of a disturbance in the tangled western reaches of Brisban Wildlands. Work together with your friends and Marjory, Kasmeer, Rox, Braham, and Taimi to discover what`s going on!

[Guild Wars 2] Game Update Notes - April 15, 2014

Prepare to experience Guild Wars 2 as never before! The April 2014 Feature Pack is the first release to focus exclusively on in-game features, and it`s bringing in brand-new systems, improvements to existing features, balance updates, and more!

The Elder Scrolls Online - BoB` page

Today we launched our TESO modules, including a fully customized TESO index (with embedded twitter, news feeds, FAQ, useful links and a game Info panel) a TESO news category, download section, media gallery (images and video section) and forum.
Friday 14 September 2012 - 06:43

[ArenaNet] Patch Notes - 14 September 2012


  1. The Mistfire Wolf skill will now properly unlock for existing characters on an account after upgrading to Digital Deluxe.
  2. Fixed blocked events and skill challenges.
  3. Fixed bugs that allowed players to go around map edges.
  4. A number of items created by using Mystic Coins are now correctly set to level 80.


  1. Fixed a blocking bug in story chapter “Brute Force.”
  2. Fixed a blocking bug in story chapter “Research and Destroy.”
  3. Fixed bugs in story chapters “Forging the Pact,” “Battle of Fort Trinity," "The Ghost Rite,” “On Red Alert,” and “Tower Down.”


  1. Score interval increased from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.
  2. Stonemist Castle points reduced to 35 points from 50.
  3. Bonus thresholds reduced by half to prepare for one-week matches.
  4. Castle lord, bodyguards, and capture point for Stonemist Castle moved to the first floor.
  5. “Harpy Feathers” consumable effect disabled.
  6. Bridges fixed to make passable for NPCs.



- More fixes to pet commands and AI.


  1. Signet of Air: No longer has infinite range.
  2. Whirlpool: Now works underwater in PvE.
  3. Glyph of Renewal: Resurrection effects of Earth, Fire, and Water now surround the caster, not the target.

  1. Deception: Movement now allowed after casting underwater.
  2. Spatial Surge: Improved responsiveness.
  3. Mind Stab: Improved responsiveness.

  1. Made several more skills usable while moving: Brutal Banner, Compassionate Banner, and Furious Rally.
  2. Rush: Improved the ability to hit fleeing foes.

  1. Mighty Blow: Added a slight movement distance.
  2. Bow of Truth: Now usable while moving.
  3. Defender’s Shield and Honorable Shield: Merged together into the same trait.
  4. New trait Glacial Heart: Critical hits with a hammer have a 50% chance to chill your target for 4 seconds. This effect can only occur once every 45 seconds.

- Heartseeker: Reduced damage of the 100%-50% threshold by 20%. Damage thresholds changed. Old: 100%-66%, 66%-33%, 33%-0%. New: 100%-50%, 50%-25%, 25%-0%.


- Disabled the “stowing” auto-attack to prevent players from getting stuck holding these kits: Bomb Kit, Elixir Gun, Flamethrower, Grenade Kit, Med Kit, and Tool Kit.

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