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GuildWars2 Junkies Interview with Lead Designer Eric Flannum

28th June 2012
Guild Wars 2 Lead Designer, Eric Flannum, answers a few questions about the game ranging from World vs World, class balance, PVP vs. PVE progression and more.

[ARENANET] Announcing the Guild Wars 2 Launch Date (August 28th 2012)

28th June 2012
Guild Wars 2 will officially launch on Tuesday, August 28th.

Guild Wars 2 - Beta Weekend Event 3 Confirmed: July 20-22 (2012)

27th June 2012
That's right folks if you still had any doubts, now we can safely say that we will have at least 1 more beta weekend event on July 20-22

[ARENANET] Help Us Stress Our Servers on June 27 (17:00 GMT)

21st June 2012
All players who have pre-purchased Guild Wars 2 are invited to participate in our upcoming stress test. This four-hour test event will run on Wednesday, June 27th, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. PDT

[ARENANET] Is it Fun? Colin Johanson on How ArenaNet Measures Success

19th June 2012
How do you measure the success of an MMO? Historically, it’s been easy to point to success with traditional MMOs: subscription numbers were the ultimate means a company used to measure how well a game was doing, and customers typically looked at ...

[ARENANET] Mike Ferguson on WvW Updates

7th June 2012
I just wanted to take a few minutes and give everyone a sneak preview of some improvements that you can look forward to when you hop into world vs. world during our next Beta Weekend Event.

Guild Wars 2 Reddit AMA (06.06.2012) Summary

7th June 2012
Here's a more easy to read version that sums up everything they mentioned during the AMA. Let me know if there are any mistakes or anything is missing!

[ARENANET] The Worlds of the Guild Wars 2 Beta

6th June 2012
With the second Beta Weekend Event almost upon us (June 8-10), it’s time that you and your friends start planning on which world you want to play.

[Massively] Eric Flannum talks Guild Wars 2 beta changes

6th June 2012
Lead Game Designer Eric Flannum took the time to answer a few questions regarding the changes in the upcoming beta.

[ARENANET] The Big Beta Weekend Preview

5th June 2012
It’s almost here—the second Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event begins this Friday! For three days, players from all over the world will experience the wonders and dangers of Tyria—and a ton of cool new content!

[PCGAMER] Guild Wars 2′s Gendarran Fields has centaurs, pirates, zombies, and filthy lying apple vendors

1st June 2012
An assertion of small videos from latest closed beta test, with commentaries.

Guild Wars 2: Gendarran Fields lvl 25-35 explorable area

1st June 2012
Next Guild Wars 2 beta event (08-10 June 2012) will have a new explorable area available called Gendarran Fields. This is a level 25-35 zone, located north of Lion's Arch

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