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Thu Oct 20 2011, 02:01PM
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It was revealed at PAX that GW2 will have a phone app, enabling you to keep in contact with your guild and friends and track their progress. The game will also offer various web utilities including use of the auction house and guild chat.

The initial mobile applications are designed to run on iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android smart phones However, same functionality will be available on the website, for those who don't have a *smart phone*.

Rick Ellis wrote ...
The most prominent features for mobile and web users will probably stem from the ability to stay connected to the game world and, more importantly, your friends and guildies. We’ll be doing as much as we can to remove the communication barrier that exists between in-game players and out-of-game players. How many times have you been away from your computer on raid night and wished you could connect up with your guild, monitor their progress, share your insights, and ultimately share in their victory? The ability to socialize beyond the game boundaries is essential, and it’s one of the first things we’re working on. Naturally, security and the protection of personal information are of paramount importance with social features like this. With the broader possibilities for communication, we want to ensure people are always in control of who talks to them and when.

Beyond communication, the extended experience team is exploring features that allow out-of-game friends to help in-game friends by locating places or items. Additionally, they will have a much tighter system for accessing and consuming wiki content. This will greatly reduce the need to continuously jump out of the game to access web sites for information.

Future features for GW2 mobile world map will include:

  1. the ability to select a player and open up the Hero Viewer, which shows information about that character: stats, equipment, achievements.

  2. the ability to select a piece of equipment and retrieve information about where that item came from: a location, an event, a certain boss, or even a portion of that player’s personal story.

  3. the ability to tap a location on the world map, causing their in-game friends to see a radar ping appear on the mini-map and world map. This is a great feature to help less-experienced friends and guildies learn their way around the Guild Wars 2 world.

Can I be in-game with one character and use the mobile app to chat to friends in-game using a different character?


Tech Director Rick Ellis wrote ...
When you are active on a mobile device, you aren’t in-game with a character. If you chat with someone, you will appear to them as yourself, but as a mobile user.

With this application, will you be able to go to places or perform actions that your character wouldn’t be able to do normally in the game?


Tech Director Rick Ellis wrote ...
No, we’ve intentionally designed the application features so they don’t confer any advantage or provide any exclusive functionality to Extended Experience users.

Article sources:

  1. Gaming Outside the Game: Rick Ellis Talks The Guild Wars 2 Extended Experience
  2. Rick Ellis Answers Your Extended Experience Questions
  3. MMORPG - Everything We Know about GW2

article verified authorship.

[ Edited Fri Dec 23 2011, 03:25AM ]

Tue Aug 21 2012, 10:01AM
Country: Romania
Posts: 1286

GuildMag: We’ve heard that for your extended experience you’ll be working with the community, what drove the decision to take this route?

Martin Kerstein: It basically all had to do with prioritization. At one point you will have to pick your priorities and the priority was: ‘let’s ship this game.’ By having an API and work with the community, it’s a strong tool for community building, there are a lot of really creative people out there. I have, myself, no idea if we on our own will also develop stuff for that, it is possible, but I don’t really know.

GuildMag: What happened to earlier applications that you hinted at, like the cross application chat or checking what your friends are up to on a map?

Martin Kerstein: We were looking at them and playing with them, but they were not at a point where we could ship them. Like I said, it’s about priorities and our priority was to polish the game, everything else is flavour.
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