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Mon Mar 19 2012, 06:49AM
Country: Romania
Posts: 1286

Diablo III - Part 1, Out May 15th!

Diablo III - Part 2, Skill Changes and Apprentices

Diablo III - Part 3, Runes & Simon is Still Alive


Mon Apr 23 2012, 01:23AM
Country: Slovakia
Posts: 37

dont know, if someone else participated in the last weekend open beta for d3.
if no, here are some feelings and pictures from the start game (have been playin for 1-1.5 hour while my wife stopped me with "u said, u will play just one hour today" ).

the mechanism of the game is the same and there are no changes between d1, d2 and d3 in moving and fighting. from the first sight, the game doesnt look so bad. there are few new things:

- auto loot for gold (u just move through the gold and u will pick it up automatically)
- inventory is bigger and the items occupy just two slots (it doesnt matter if it is sword, bow, jawelin, chest,...)
- health potions - ofc there are health potions in the game, u can put them to your GUI and use them, but some red globe can drop from the mobs and if you will move throught these will heal you (as you can see in videos)
- skills: - you can assign skills to the RMB and LMB, but for change, you need to choose new one in the skill menu
- you can assign specific rune for your skill what will add another special effect to your skill (have been playing whitch doctor who is using poison dart as main skill. with the rune ive been able to shoot 3 darts in a row)
- there are special offence and defence skills you can assign to your GUI (you have 4 slots for these skills
- lore - you can unlock lore about places, monsters, (maybe unique items). all these have own audio records, so you can listen to them, than read about them
- the world - with entering the weeping hollow, the area is more openwide

the graphic is not bad, but others can have different feeling. ofc, im the radeon user, so there were graphic glitches and bugs as you can see on pictures (tried two different amd graphic cards with the latest drivers, but the result was same). maybe it will be solved till release, or we will need to wait for amd to solve this with drivers.

in the end, my feelings from this game are possitive. if you are diablo fan, its must to buy

Mon Apr 23 2012, 01:38AM
Country: Czech Republic
Posts: 108

Only problem I have encountered was their shitty servers that were constantly down, unavailable or throwing a plethora of errors at you. Seriously, if today's gaming developers want everything run online, including single player games, they should create a proper environment for that. Hopefully that will get sorted upon launch.

The game itself is what one can expect from Diablo theme. I liked the skill system, which is more streamlined than it was in Diablo 2. The gameplay is smooth and dynamic and the biggest leap since D2 is ofc the graphics engine. The multiplayer was a lot of fun, too.

[ Edited Mon Apr 23 2012, 01:41AM ]

Mon Apr 23 2012, 06:23AM
Country: Romania
Posts: 1286

Thx for the input Lin (and the images) I didn't had time to look at Diablo 3, it is a game that I do plan to play even if just for the sake of Diablo 2.


Fri May 25 2012, 02:27AM
Country: Belgium
Posts: 151

More than 1 week after the release.

Who's playing?
Post your battletags, characters, impressions, etc

Fri May 25 2012, 07:58PM
Country: Sweden
Posts: 21

I'm playing, a lot. Currently farming Act 4 Inferno. My battletag is Xeley#2557 so feel free to add me! Right now I'm playing my Demon Hunter and liking it loads even if the class (like many other classes) feels broken. Would write more if not for the fact I'm tired as hell.

Sat May 26 2012, 07:28AM
Country: Czech Republic
Posts: 108

I am playing a lot. Yesterday I somehow missed the whole night passing by and was genuinely surprised to see a sunrise outside. I really thought it is still evening...

Started a barbarian, which is a total crap class atm - less survivability than a sodding sorceress plus you are melee, which makes it even worse. Hopefully the class will get fixed, it is beyond frustrating to play on inferno. Recently I have finished exping a Witch Doctor and going thru Act I on inferno, so far so good. I disliked the class at first, but it is really fun to play. Next will probably be the Demon Huntard

The game is addictive as Diablo 2 was, only downside atm is crappy itemization (a level 60 item with stats like level 10 item etc.) and that the classes are now rather broken for sustained Inferno fun.

My battletag is Akha#2565.

Sat May 26 2012, 09:44AM
Country: Iceland
Posts: 19

Kyril#2498 Coming to the end of Act III normal with a Monk, as I am absorbed with another game. I like D3, though I can't sit through long sessions either. I find these ARPG type games kind of tiring for some reason. I wouldn't mind seeing what grouping is like, but based on the hysteria about hacked accounts, I'm not inclined to group with strangers.

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