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Mon Jan 18 2010, 01:54AM

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Cultural Weapon Recipes:

Blood of the South recipe:
  • Location: Oasis of Zaara, Cannibal Chief
  • Items: Yoggite Ritual Club, Black Kingdom Assagi, Ajujo's Fate

Protectors of the East recipe:
  • Location: Onyx Chambers, Belshas
  • Items: Falchion of the Blue East, Pteor's Flight, Yama's Defender

Armament of Forgotten Kingdoms recipe:
  • Location: Caravan Raider's Hideout, Prince Abaddon
  • Items: Lemurian Firestick, Acheronian Evening Star, Atlantean Arbalest

Battlegear of the North recipe:
  • Location: first boss Frost Swamp
  • Items: Brythunian Calvary Axe, Asgardian Snowaxe, Vanaheim Raidbreaker

Secrets of the West recipe:
  • Location: Imirian Ravin, Deatheater Setkanh
  • Items: Asuran Ceremonial Dagger, The Eye of Zath, Dagon's Luck

Posted this because, last night I went for a weapon recipe hunt in Scorpion Caves, dunno what the fuck I wanted from there.

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Mon Jan 18 2010, 02:07AM
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The final boss in the Scorpion Caves, Constantius (whom we didn't spawn last night) drops weaponsmith recipes for base items:

- Forged Axes: Pliant Dolabra (1he), Corded Labrys (2he)
- Ferric Rods: Small Ferric Rod (1hb), Large Ferric Rod (2hb)
- Wrought Swords: Mercurial Blade (1he), Bastard Steel (2he)

In addition, the Abomination in the Scorpion Caves can drop the buckskin recipe (skinning).

Other base recipes for weapons frop from the Acheronian Warlord in the Halls of Eternal Frost:

- Straightened Staves: Hardwood Quarterstaff (staff), Pilum (polearm)
- Assembled Bows: Shaped Greenwood (bow), Oiled Gastraphetes (xbow)
- Imbued Talismans: Plainwrought Charm (mage talisman), Weeping Bauble (DT talisman)
- Polished Aspis (shield)
- Sharpened Daggers: Balanced Shank (thrown), Well-Honed Spire (dagger)

More info: link 1, link 2.
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Sun Feb 21 2010, 03:19AM

Unhygienix (alt of Sigii) can now craft the Asuran Ceremonial Dagger, Eye of Zanth and Dagons Luck talismans following a recipe drop at Imirian Ravine
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Tue Aug 10 2010, 10:05AM

Hey guys

If anyone is interested in farming Halls of eternal frost and Scorpion caves for base recipes then we should probably get a group together and get farming!

Im restricted to only bein able to make wrought swords yet I have the Blood of the South recipe and Secrets of the West recipe and I really cant make any of the base weapons for culture weapons from these recipes as I dont have em!

So if anyone is interested in getting farming and getting base recipes for themselves send me a tell! It makes sense getting base recipes as the weapons are rarely sold on the trader.

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